Laurence Chataigne

He saw his first light of day under the „Ciel de Paris“, where his cultural roots and his passion are founded - photography!

The metropolises of this world were his home, work place, and inspiration. Long enough to be called a polyglott who is fluent in German, English and French

Laurence see his assignements through the lens, feels the right instant with his heart, and can adjust the adequate perspective with due respect for his motif.

In more than two decades his adopted city Cologne became source of his family, inspiration and business headquarter.

Corporate clients from all industries and cultural institutions love his unique melange of pleasant personality, and all-over competent prolific work.

The operational area for his art is just as manifold as the network of his clients from industrial enterprises (M.I.C.E), corporate businesses to travel documentary, trade-fairs and celebrity PR Shots.

Über Mich

© Laurence Chataigne Photography